Le Déluge
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Brace yourself for a good waterfight...

With our sights set on conducting a day of epic water battles and games on the beach as soon as it is safe to do so, we are inviting children and parents to design and build their own weaponry of water war. How thoroughly soaked you get or how dry you remain will depend entirely on how well prepared you come to the battle. But some challenges are not just about drenching the enemy. The task may be to soak a distant target or fill a base-bucket to win. Thus, accuracy and distance and minimum water waste are also keys to success.

The idea is to repurpose waste and only use materials that are to hand in order to make your water-war weaponry or machinery. You might have some old pipes lying around, a bicycle pump you don’t use or a bucket you can visualise as a high capacity component of some yet-to-be-built hydro-ballistic weapon.

Artist Peter Casby has some videos of prototypes and ideas that you can follow online or use as inspiration to manufacture your own creations and it is highly recommended that you rigorously test your creations and inventions using willing volunteers as much as is possible.

The principles to bear in mind are that water should not be wasted, collect rain-water as much as possible and commandeer ponds and puddles. How far can you project water, and how accurately? Share videos of your inventions and their effectiveness. We will comment on and reward the best efforts.

A willingness to get wet and a determination to get everyone else wetter are essential qualities for participation in Le Deluge!

We hope to invite you soon to bring your designs to the Le Deluge event on the beach which will be led by our Captains of Coordinated Chaos. Until then…imagine, build, drench and share!


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